Growth Hormone Testing

You or a family member may be requested to perform a provocative growth hormone (gh) stimulation test to determine if there is a pituitary problem including growth hormone deficiency. We will then call you to set up a day that is convenient for you. A Stimulation Test Waiver Form must be signed before test is performed. Here is what's involved:

  1. Please have nothing to eat or drink (including your usual medicines) after midnight, the night before the testing.
  2. Come into the office fasting at your appointment time.
  3. Bring books or a VHS movie to watch during the testing (It's boring!)
  4. Usually, all medicine will be given into this line and all blood tests will be drawn out of the same line; therefore, there are not any other blood sticks during the visit.
  5. You will be monitored for blood pressure, heart rate, respirations and glucose levels throughout the study.
  6. We will contact you personally when the results return, usually in about 10-14 days.